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The Pondfarm, the farm of the family Butaye, owes its name to the present ponds and is located in the center of the WWI front. As a young teenager, Stijn Butaye, aka “the bomb collector”, started collecting WWI objects that where found on their farm and in the surrounding area.
Due to the growing collection and interest from interested parties, the logical step of developing our own private WWI collection followed. Countless people from all over the world know their way to the Pondfarm/replica tank and feel a sense of connection here because their dear family member here in the area fought or died for our freedom.
It is the wish and ambition of the Butaye family that visitors meet and fraternize with mutual love and respect. Someone who visits the Pondfarm takes with them a memory that makes an impression from history, but we also provide perspective and inspiration for the future.
The logo contains the colors of the 4 symbolic flowers from WW1. White: Belgian marginite; light blue: german forget-me-not; red: british poppy; purple: french cornflower

This Private Pondfarm Collection is controlled by the Federal Goverment Justice (foj), Police Ypres, DOVO and was approved on the security of weapons and ammunition by Mr Ide himself. All the finds are reported to the Belgian Goverment and has a licence as a recognized Metal Detectorist. We have no need to recognition as we have only a collection of free & historic weapons.

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