The tank does not ride for private groups, you can only get your ride on the tank weekends!





Contact us here for an appointment:


Visiting the tank static can only by an early appointment, for more information, please read the Faq page on the tank website first, click here!


For a visit to the Pondfarm Collection and tank make an early appointment(donation on site), Contact Stijn Butaye: Click Here

Location replica tank/ Pondfarm: Roeselarestraat 7, 8920 langemark

(closed on sunday)

Contact us related to the tankweekends:


For problems with tickets,... for you're tankride, Contact Laurent Hoornaert: Click Here

Visit Bray Farm!


For a visit to the Bray Farm collection(donation on site), Contact Enrique Billiau: Click Here

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Location: Langemolenstraat 49, 8920 Poelkapelle