What can you expect from a visit to the Pondfarm?

 We are a still working farm, so we can only be visited by appointment. When you visit Pondfarm, you will receive a guided tour of approximately 1 hour by volunteers from the Poelcapelle 1917 Association, where you will also receive an extensive explanation of the Replica tank of Poelkapelle! This also includes Stijn Butaye's collection with original found tank pieces!


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------Please book on time, if you want to book the day itself, there is a chance there is no more room left------

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Location replica tank/ Pondfarm: Roeselarestraat 7, 8920 langemark

Sufficient parking space in the courtyard for cars and buses

For more information take contact with us: Click Here

No toilets available (thx for understanding)

(Entry Price: Donation)

(Visit duration: 1h)


1. Munitie kooi (Jaarlijkse aangifte DOVO)
2. Bezoek aan de Bunker
3. Tank
4. De Collectie