A Message in a Poppy

message in a poppy

Jan Fieuw is a very good friend of my and i would like to support him on my website about his wonderfull project. Jan has always been interested in the First World War, if you grew up here in flanders and you learn about the history here, you will never lose the interest. Just like my self with the Pondfarm Collection.

If you have Family that fought in the First World War, you can ask Jan to find some shrapnel balls on the field where you're Grandfather or Uncle fought or Died in Battle.
Het melts the shrapnel into a Poppy Pin so you can wear a memory close to you.

I told Jan he is a little bit like Shrapnel Charlie(you can find more info about him on my website), Shrapnel Charlie made little Lead Figures from those shrapnel balls, but Jan went a step further and makes contact with the Family's. This is why i believe in his project and Shrapnel Charlie would be very proud on him!!

If you have family that fought arround Pondfarm and you want to buy you're Poppy Pin, just let us know.

You can find More about A mMessage in a Poppy on his website or on facebook